In December 2018, the Atlantic Alliance Headquarters hosted, once again, the Annual Charity Bazaar, an event with more than 5.000 people that raised more than € 220,000 for Social Institutions.

Portugal participated with 3 stands, one with Portuguese wines, another with national crockery and the third with typical food.

According to the Portuguese Military Representative to NATO, Vice Admiral Silvestre Correia: "It is a mobilization of affection, solidarity and effort. For us, it is an honor to participate in solidarity with these institutions". For the Portuguese Permanent Representative to NATO, Ambassador Luis de Almeida Sampaio, this is one of the most special days for the Alliance.

Two Portuguese associations were selected and will receive a donation worth ten thousand euros. Associação Dignitude, which supports people with no possibilities to acquire the medicines they need, and the Associação Mellitus Criança, which supports youngsters with diabetes in school and hospital contexts.

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Photo Antena 1, news correspondent Andrea Neves

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