NATO has new headquarters. Ultramodern, energy efficient and eco-friendly facilities.

With more than 254,000 m2 of space, the new headquarters is a “green building” which is expected to be 30% more energy efficient. NATO will deliver on its promise to create an eco-friendly workplace, consistently recycling and wasting as little as possible.

Structurally, the building has eight sloping wings that collect rainwater into reservoirs and can recycle this rainwater for use in toilets, cleaning and landscaping. The new NATO HQ also has highly insulated walls and lots of windows to take maximum advantage of natural light, thereby saving on electricity. The geo-thermal heating and cooling system uses the constant temperature beneath the surface of the ground to heat the building during the winter and cool it in summer.

It will help the Alliance not only to make the best use of technology, but also to stay flexible and adaptable, innovative and creative.

The building has been designed to resemble interlocking fingers, symbolising NATO’s unity and cooperation. 

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