The Brussels Summit comes at a crucial moment for the security of the North Atlantic Alliance. It will be an important opportunity to chart NATO's path for the years ahead.



At the Summit, the Alliance will make important decisions to further boost security in and around Europe, including through strengthened deterrence and defence, projecting stability and fighting terrorism, enhancing its partnership with the European Union, modernising the Alliance and achieving fairer burden-sharing.

NATO will enter the next phase in its adaptation. Allies will take decisions to increase military mobility and the readiness of forces. They will decide on further measures in response to challenges emanating from the south.

NATO will also enhance resilience, both within Allied countries and collectively, by modernising capabilities and improving civil preparedness. It is strengthening its cyber defences, including through the creation of a new Cyber Operations Centre. And NATO is ensuring that it has the right mix of military and civilian capabilities to meet evolving security challenges, including hybrid warfare.

Allies will confirm NATO’s enduring commitment to the Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan.

The Alliance is looking at how its support through the AWACS surveillance flights could evolve within the Global Coalition.

Allies will agree to launch a new training mission in Iraq, to help Iraqi forces prevent the re-emergence of ISIS or other terrorist groups. This will include building military academies and schools.

NATO will consider how it can do more to strengthen its southern partners, including with enhanced planning and exercises.

NATO and the EU will take stock of the progress made since the 2016 Warsaw Summit. Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg is expected to sign a new Joint Declaration with European Council President Donald Tusk and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, setting out a shared vision of how NATO-EU cooperation can help address most pressing security challenges.

Allies will agree on a major update of the NATO Command Structure, including two new commands to ensure NATO forces can move quickly across the Atlantic and within Europe

The Summit will be an opportunity to review Allies’ progress and look at future plans.

NATO embodies the unique bond that unites Europe and North America. The Alliance is a community of 29 nations that share a common goal of preventing conflict and preserving peace.

Transatlantic unity has helped keep our people safe for almost 70 years. In today’s complex security environment, transatlantic cooperation is needed more than ever.

This Summit will be held in the new NATO Headquarters, a modern and sustainable home for a forward-looking Alliance.

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