In the current context of globalization, insurgent actors use social networks as a tool for disseminating extremist messages and disinformation campaigns, representing a risk to the security of societies and the Atlantic Alliance.

With the aim to find solutions to the malicious use of social networks, NATO Center of Excellence for Strategic Communications has launched a competition for young people on the theme "How to detect malicious use of video/photographic content online?”.

On December 10, at the mentioned Center, in Riga, the award was attributed to the University of Aveiro (UA). Portuguese Delegation to NATO congratulates the winning team, made up of a group of young Portuguese researchers who developed a computerized content analysis system that allows identifying if the content is original or manipulated and if it is connected to extremist groups. The system has the ability to cross data in order to detect messages in social networks related to the malicious graphic content.

At the beginning of 2019, the Center of Excellence will publish a report on the competition, outlining highlights from the competition and the analyzed projects.


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